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Welcome to Zone XI

Welcome to our website and blog!

We specialise in travel, landscape, visual art and commercial studio photography and also work with a couple of international stock agencies.  Our principal photographer is Les Smith LRPS and he is a member of the Cambridge Camera Club (founded in 1902) which is one of the oldest in the country.  He also holds a Licentiate Distinction with the Royal Photographic Society and serves on the committee for the Digital Imaging Group Eastern Centre.

We offer one-to-one tuition to all levels of photographer and often hold workshops with a small number of participants.  In the spring of 2011 we spent three full days in the Four Corners, based near Blanding, UT in the States.

We have recently been exhibiting mounted fine-art prints for the Royal Photographic Society and in a prestigeous exhibition in Cambridge, UK.

Whether you are viewing for pleasure, or for commercial reasons, please browse the collection and if you have any specific requirements, it would be a pleasure to hear from you.  These images are continually being updated and represent only a small fraction of what we have available.

Why Zone XI?  It reads ‘Zone Eleven’ and refers to capturing more tones than Ansel Adams’s Zone System that defined ten Zones, read more here

We do hope you enjoy your stay.

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